Thursday, June 29, 2006

Don't try this at home

When global news and politics become too depressing, it is refreshing to find comic relief in the stupidity of the people around us.

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Man wanted piercing, ended up in surgery

At the end of last week, doctors at the hospital in Jablonec had to treat an unusual injury. A young man from Jablonecko who had wanted to give himself a home genital piercing ended up in the care of local surgeons. His attempt at piercing had not gone as planned. Emergency services took the young man, with a bleeding and very swollen wound, to the hospital.

JABLONEC NAD NISOU – “We had never before treated a wound similar to this one,” said Petra Krajinová, Jablonec hospital spokesperson. Doctors had to cut into the young man’s penis in order to drain the clotted blood from the hematoma. The young man should not suffer any long-term consequences as a result of the experience. His recovery, however, will not be pleasant.

“There are more and more complications due to attempted piercings. Every month we treat at least one such case. Generally, most of the cases involve very young patients, under 20 years old. I would say mostly girls,” commented Liberec surgeon Vladimír Výborný.

Doctors generally don’t want to do piercings. From their perspective, it’s just an unhealthy fashion trend.


Anonymous said...

hahaha!!!!!! Flashback to the Nip Tuck episode where the michael jackson lookalike Matt gives himself a home cicumsision (spelling?).

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

cuz it feels better during sex
especially for her not for the guy