Monday, July 31, 2006


Marge Piercy published a book in 1991 called He, She and It (or Body of Glass outside the US). Wikipedia describes the book as a “feminist science fiction/cyberpunk novel”. Max describes it as “bloody good”.

The book takes place in the not too distant future. Wikipedia says 2059; Max doesn’t remember exactly. The world of the novel is in bad shape. Gigantic multi-national corporations have taken over the world and the environment has been devastated. Much of the world is straight out of Mad Max - devoid of law and order and extremely dangerous.

In other words, an entirely believable future.

The novel also takes place in the past as it incorporates the legend of Rabbi Löw’s Golem in 16th century Prague.

There is one aspect of the story that has always scared the bejesus out of me. Prior to the time of the narrative, the Middle East had been destroyed in a nuclear war. Maps in the year 2059 have only a black zone where Israel and its neighbours used to be.

And guess what. The world blamed Israel for starting the nuclear war. And the world did not stop there. If Israel was being blamed (rightly or wrongly), it followed that all Jews everywhere in the world were at fault. This defective logic led the world into a new age of rampant anti-Semitism.

Meanwhile, in the non-fictional world of today…

Mel “Hateful Bigot” Gibson was arrested for drink driving in LA at the weekend. It is reported that Gibson yelled anti-Semitic epithets at the arresting officer, repeatedly asked the officer if he was Jewish, and stated that “the Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.” Amongst other unpleasant things.

A man forced his way into the office of the Seattle Jewish Federation last Friday and shot six women, one of them fatally. Three were taken to hospital in serious condition.

For lists of other incidents all over the world, see and click on ‘Anti-Semitism’.


Tits Malone said...


The Mel Gibson situation shouldn't be a surprize to anyone. He has made his beliefs pretty clear sober...why would the media be shocked when he was shooting his mouth off while pissed?

If he had been smoking pot he would have just maybe stayed home and watched some of the Lethal Weapon movies...

Anonymous said...


Maybe you could post some of Gibson's prior thought on Jews since he made them so clear.


Anonymous said...

I guess I'd be more shocked if I actually cared about the douchebag's opinion. But in reality, I'm not surprised. I think it's rather funny that he's supposed to do a mini series for ABC dealing with the Holocaust. Wonder how long it will take ABC to pull the plug on that one after this incident.

Katrina said...

It didn't take long for it to be pulled, as reported by Reuters.

Arturo said...


I found your blog; you'll be hearing more from me.

GIBSON: Not drunk! but very disingenuous. Mad Max is quoted worldwide saying something ("Jews...wars") that about 500 million people are thinking (mostly in Europe). See how it plays out but I think he didn't hurt his boxoffice.

GIBSON 2: Some people nurse low grade grudges that come out when they get drunk. They'll grumble and curse family members, lawyers, Republicans or even "other" groups of people. ( of "other" people). This is sign of bad psyche and such people cannot be very happy. Whatever his public denials of anti-Semitism, Mel has revealed he nurses this grudge.

Best, Arturo