Saturday, August 05, 2006

When Max loves her job

This is an example of things I am asked for at work that just make my day. On Thursday, I got this email:

"Max, could you tell me, please, what is the correct common English word for these things? Thanks!"


Anonymous said...

How are you not tempted to reply with something silly such as "falsies?" It's close enough to the real thing that when brought up in conversation it would probably take the listener a couple of seconds to realize the speaker is using the wrong word.

Of course I'd take it a step further and claim that in the United States, these are what's known as "Butt-Plugs." You should see the "Butt-Plug-Removers."

Monkey's Max said...

Might be funny, Pigman, except that lawyers generally abandon their senses of humour when they are working. And clients don't like jokes in binding agreements.

Anonymous said...

Things that gypsies steal when they are given a new flat from the government.