Friday, September 01, 2006

It's a Movie

Death of a President will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September, and will be shown on UK digital tv channel More4 shortly thereafter. The film is about the assassination of George W. Bush in Chicago in 2007.

Certain people have been offended by the film. I have collected some of their comments from the BBC website so that I could tell them how stupid they are right here on my website.

John Beyer of MediaWatch called the film “irresponsible.” He claimed that it might inspire someone to really assassinate Bush. As he told the Daily Mirror: “There’s a lot of feeling against President Bush and this may well put ideas into people’s heads.”

Max says: Yes, there is a lot of feeling against “President” Bush, but if anyone wants to try to kill him, they are going to do it regardless of a fictional film. They already have the ideas in their heads. Don’t make a movie into more than what it is – a movie.

The White House said, “We are not going to comment because it does not dignify a response.”

Max says: Ha ha, you lose, you just commented. Assholes.

The Texas Republicans don’t like the film either. Spokesman Gretchen Essell: “I cannot support a video that would dramatise the assassination of our president, real or imagined.”

Max says: Thank you for acknowledging that our “president” is only imagined. As for the video - it’s a film, a movie, Hollywood-style entertainment. It neither deserves nor needs your support.

Ms Essell also said, “I find this shocking, I find it disturbing. I don't know if there are many people in America who would want to watch something like that.”

Max says: I want to watch it! I’ll buy the DVD as soon as it comes out so I can watch it over and over and over – if I ever get round to buying a DVD player.

And, by the way, Gretch, you are full of shit. In the world of today, which is filled with terror and illegal wars and other types of indiscriminate violence and human suffering, how the hell could anyone find a mere political assassination shocking? Your view is naïve and pathetic, and you should probably just shut your mouth.


Katrina said...

After a cursory search, I couldn't find much information on when/if it would be shown in the States. I'll have to hold my hopes out for the DVD if nothing else.

Anonymous said...

I bet it's a ploy by the gubment to round up all the haters in one room. And then ship them off to Club Fed.

Monkey's Max said...

Katrina, let me know if you have trouble getting the DVD in The Amerika. I can arrange to have one sent to you from Canadia. Disguised as a Disney film and posted in plain brown wrapping, of course.

Evil Pigman, you are the ones still sitting around in The Amerika waiting for it. You have a home waiting for you here, you know.

Katrina said...

That would be greatly appreciated! :) Of course the plain brown wrapping is going to make me think I'm in receipt of Disney porn. Then we can get Andy, with all his technical expertise, to rig up a means of showing it to large numbers of people.

Anonymous said...

Oy - there are a TON of good documentaries coming out now about how fucked up this administration is...I totally recommend the Spike Lee documentary, "When the Levees Broke", which depicts everyone in the administration as the uncaring and obnoxious idiots every SANE person knows they are...