Friday, January 20, 2006

Ludo, I'm late

Nothing has changed. Happy Birthday, Broučku.

Because I have been enjoying so much the tour of Palmengrad on your blog, here is a little tour for you of our spiritual Bohemian home, Ústí nad Labem or, as our Sudeten friends like to say, Aussig an der Elbe.

First we have a view of the bend in the Labe river below Mariánská skála.

We look north to the modern bridge – Mariánský most. Of course that was not there when we lived in Ústí, but you would like it anyway (weird enhanced colours for you).

And then we go south to the castle Střekov on the hill.

And finally we travel west to Klíše, to look at the lovely new paint on the residence halls that were grey when we lived in them,

and then we'll go for a beer, which will rest on a vintage beer mat.

Všechno nejlepší, Ludo. Hodně štěstí, zdraví a lásky.

Max xo


Ludovic said...

Awesome you can see 2 and nearly 3 of my homes there, only one missing the crazy zamek witht he crashed helicopter outside the window ... oh and lovley Nestemice ... home of the race wall! Maybe Usti and Palmy should become sister cities. Thanks for the wishes I am celebrating with drunken badminton on the back lawn this afternoon ... wish you could come!

Tits Malone said...

MM, Usti looks so clean! so I know you didn't take those pollution in sight!

It is a shame you didn't include some University photos...or the pubs we used to spend our salaries in!

Happy Birthday Ludovic!

Monkey's Max said...

I found pictures of the race wall whilst searching for pictures of Ústí, search Neštěmice or Matiční (the street) and you will find them.

I looked for pubs too, but found nothing. I really wanted a photo of the garden at U lípy.

I hope your drunken badminton was fun, Ludo. Many happy returns. xo

Tits Malone said...


I missed the design of the beer coaster ha ha ha...Is that the chemical factory? there is a beer I haven't had in too many years. Perhaps a reunion tour is in order!

Monkey's Max said...

TM, come on over, there's always room for you chez Max.