Thursday, January 19, 2006

Words of wisdom from the right-eous

The Golden Globe Awards: conclusive evidence that anti-family immoral corrupt left-wing depraved crack-smoking paedophile poultry-fucking satanist gays are out to take over the world.

When Hollywood is pumping out anti-family movies with sexually explicit, twisted and perverse themes that glorify homosexuality, trans-sexuality and every other kind of sexual immorality - then awarding itself for doing so - Middle America [had] better take note.

Hollywood [has] exposed its own corrupt agenda. [It] is no doubt out on a mission to homosexualise America.

- Stephen Bennett of Straight Talk Radio

Hallelujah! I've got to get to the cinema more often. And I had better get laid a lot while I can - before all men are seduced to the gay side. It must really be happening because half the men I know are already there.


Anonymous A-Hole said...

Being self-righteously opposed to homsexuality isn't much different than insisting that everyone know where you prefer to put your genitals. In either case, I'm put off and not interested in knowing.

Monkey's Max said...

Not interested in knowing is fine. The whole point is 'Live and let live'. No one is forcing anyone to watch anything they don't want to watch. My problem is with statements of intolerance, misunderstanding and hatred.

Anonymous A-Hole said...

God-damned vagina fucking heteros. I can't stand them.

Audie said...

"Homosexualize America"? That is hilarious.

Yeah, before watching Brokeback, the thought had never occurred to me, but afterwards I just wanted to go bang a cowboy in a tent.

I hope he's as good lookin' as Heath Ledger....