Monday, October 16, 2006

Keep your friggin’ cross under your uniform and shut up

the Hope diamond

Will everyone please stop shouting religious discrimination. It’s getting to be like the boy who cried wolf. And it’s getting bloody tedious.

The bilingual teaching assistant that won’t remove her veil. Forget it. If kids can’t see your face, they are not going to understand you. Take off the veil or accept that you no longer have a job. It’s not religious discrimination, it’s a matter of practicality and fairness to children. Perhaps you should consider a job where the veil might be an asset, like something in the food industry where it could contribute to overall hygiene.

British Airways worker. Get over yourself. The issue is not religious. The issue is not your stupid little cross. According to British Airways, the policy is about jewellery in general. If you would like to wear a necklace with your airline worker’s uniform, you must keep it under the uniform. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cross, a star, a heart, a circle or the goddamned Hope diamond. And if you don’t like BA’s jewellery policy, go find yourself another job.

Ann Widdecombe – go ahead and boycott BA if you want. You’re an arse.

Francis Wheen – where are you? Mumbo-jumbo is winning again.

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