Friday, February 17, 2006

Max is still pissed off about propaganda

I know that some people (Riggs) think that I am over-estimating the reach of the US government’s propaganda machine. My perspective is obviously based on paranoia and I have become one of those wacky conspiracy theorists. Hey ho. If the shoe fits, I can wear it.

My perspective, however, is that most people have swallowed the government’s propaganda hook, line and sinker. As I have said before, most Americans do not recognise propaganda, and I would add to that that many Americans are so naïve as to still think that our government is above disseminating propaganda.

Episodes of propaganda have been documented and publicised, but still people are not paying attention. If you do not know what I am talking about, you should look at for an outline of some of the higher profile occurrences.

While it is clear that propaganda is being propagated, there is a question of whether or not the US government’s propaganda activities are actually illegal. As I wrote in my post of 12 February, “Our Own Joseph Goebbels,” PSYOPS targeted at American citizens are illegal. But there is a question as to intent, and if the PSYOPS are targeted at non-Americans and Americans just happen to be exposed – is that illegal?

Today I read an article entitled “Is Government Propaganda Legal? Well…” on George Mason University’s History News Network. Kevin R. Kosar, the author of the article, presented an argument that the government’s propaganda may not be illegal because the law on propaganda is too vague and the term “propaganda” itself is not sufficiently defined within the law. That article is here:

It is important to determine whether the government’s propaganda is illegal or not, but it is even more important to raise the public’s awareness that they are being lied to and that they should be taking their news with a large dose of skepticism and questioning everything that they see, hear and read. I have to say that I really cannot understand how anyone can still believe that we have a free and objective press, nor can I understand how people can still trust our government. I just wish I knew what to do to wake people up to what is really going on. I suspect that the whole problem is that most people simply do not care.

I would like to tell you that this will be my last rant about propaganda, but I am afraid that it may not be because I have developed a bit of a passion for the subject. Right now, however, I am going to go bang my head against a brick wall.


stevesm_2000 said...

What do you have against brick walls?

Murphy said...

I'm tired of the Anti-American BS...especially from people who are FROM the U.S. who act as if they grew up knowing nothing but European lifestyles.

Riggs is Crazy said...

Isn't government a synonym for propoganda? You're right, you'd have to be naive to think the govt isn't pushing it's own agenda. Are you going to tell me that the media doesn't propogate? Everyone propogates. It's what people do. Just be educated enough to make your own decisions. I don't want to root for the brick wall, but the brick wall has spun it's story the best so far. I guess I fell for it.

That said, fire Bryant Gumble, the clansman.

Monkey's Max said...

Murphy, I am not anti-American, I am only concerned about the direction in which our government is taking the country. I grew up in The America, but, believe it or not, the culture has become a little bit foreign to me. Having said that, European culture is still sometimes foreign to me too. And more importantly, this is not BS, which is why I give my sources. Thanks for your input.

Riggs, I agree that government has an agenda, but I don't agree with the use of propaganda. Government should be transparent and they should have an agenda that they can present honestly to the citizens of whichever country they are governing. I write most often about the US because that is still the country of which I am a citizen and I want my dissent to be heard. Thank you for your input.

SS, thank you too.

Riggs is Crazy said...

I want government to be transparent also, but I live in the real world. We don't all get along, people are corrupt and I'm not going home with a super model tonight. It's bullshit and I'm not happy about it either, but it is what it is.

Monkey's Max said...

But, Riggs, why should we accept the world as it is without voicing our discontent? Why should we allow our politicians to be corrupt? They should not be above the rule of law, and that is written into our constitution. And who knows? - tonight may be the night that you charm the pants off a supermodel.

Murphy said...

As the grat super-agent Ari once said, "Yeah? And I want to F Angelina Jolie. The only difference is...I might actually have a shot!"

Riggs is Crazy said...

Well said Murph.