Saturday, February 11, 2006

More Propaganda

As soon as I saw the first report that the Bush administration had foiled a plot to crash an airplane into the Library Tower in LA, I thought, “What is that dickhead trying to make us believe now?” I realised that I will always doubt every statement that comes out of the White House while George Bush (or perhaps any president) is resident there. I will always suspect a sinister motive behind every scrap of disinformation that is disseminated from Washington.

I know that the government regularly lies to the American people, and it seems that everything I have been reading recently is reinforcing that belief. The government also lies to itself, and anyone who tells the president that his policies are wrong or that a strategy is not working is likely to lose his/her job. King George and his cronies are dangerously mad with power.

Yesterday Doug Thompson wrote in Capitol Hill Blue that “sources who said they were current and retired intelligence pros from the CIA, NSA, FBI and the military” had contacted Capitol Hill Blue to angrily dispute the president’s story. Bush is “full of shit,” reads one of the quotes.

Apparently, the “intelligence” that the president had chosen to share with the American people had been garnered from a discredited informant. Not coincidentally, most of the “intelligence” that gave the government reason to invade Iraq had also come from discredited sources, while real intelligence was conveniently ignored.

Intelligence pros say much of the information used by Bush in an attempt to justify his increased spying on Americans by the National Security Agency, trampling of civil rights under the USA Patriot Act, and massive buildup of the Department of Homeland Security, now the nation’s largest federal bureaucracy, was “worthless intel that was discarded long ago.”

The United States government runs the greatest propaganda machine the world has ever seen. The Soviet Union had good propaganda, but the people knew that it was propaganda. Nazi Germany also had very good propaganda, but again, the people recognised it for what it was. The United States is unique in being able to fool the majority of its citizens into thinking that its propaganda is not propaganda at all, but actually the truth.

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