Thursday, February 16, 2006

Same-sex partnership vetoed

The Czech Republic would have been the first post-communist country to pass a same-sex registered partnership law, and I would have been very proud, but today President Václav Klaus vetoed the bill.

Klaus believes that giving legal status to same-sex relationships is somehow damaging to the traditional institution of marriage. I don’t get it. The bill would have made life easier and fairer for homosexuals. They would have obtained rights of family members in such areas as medical notification, hospital visitation and inheritance. And while giving homosexuals some of the same rights that heterosexuals already have, no one would have lost anything, no one would have been hurt by it.

Aside from wanting to deny a significant proportion of the population certain state-decreed rights, Klaus said that the law was not a good idea because it would “expand the area of state regulation.” Hmm, another politician talking out of his arse. Registering a same-sex partnership would not be compulsory; the law would merely give homosexual couples another option.

There is still a chance that the Senate will override the veto. We shall see…


Riggs is Crazy said...

"significant proportion of the population" - How so? It's not that significant.

Anonymous said...


Will you marry me?

Monkey's Max said...

I don't know that there are any official statistics, Riggs, but the number I hear over and over is 10%.

SS, very romantic. I might cry.

Riggs is Crazy said...

I would be shocked if it was over 10%. Probably over 5% would surprise me.

SS, let me think it over. Ian just asked me out.

Monkey's Max said...

Come on, Riggs, you live in San Francisco. Go ahead and be shocked.

AG said...

If our great leader, here in the Czech Republic, is so worried about the traditional institution of marriage, why does he have a girlfriend?

Anonymous said...

Why do you guys want to make a mockery of the great institution that has united Britney Spears and Kevin Federline?

The homos just want health insurance so they can get their tonsiles tested for cum infection.

Gay waiter marries rich gay banker. Gay waiter can't get covered under gay bankers health insurance. Gay waiter cries discrimination.

It's funny to me how all these cultural issues are popping up when the Democrats can't win anything.

Anonymous said...

Havel had a mistress.....whom he later married. ag has a good point.

If gay Czechs want to get married they can always come to Canada and be on the tv show my fabulous gay wedding hosted by Scott Thompson (former kids in the hall star) heck they can even honeymoon here.

Go Czech Team go!!!!