Monday, February 13, 2006

A Post Without Anger*

It seems to be time for another post without anger so today, instead of writing about how fucked up the world is (etc), I am going to give you the recipe for Max’s night time cold medicine. One dose will help you sleep and will clear out some of the snot so your head will not feel so heavy and congested the next morning. It is a Scottish remedy which was first prepared for me by a lovely lad from Glasgow.

Ingredients: orange juice, honey, whisky.

Measure out the juice into a mug so you know how much you need. Don’t fill the friggin’ mug all the way because you will need some room for the other ingredients. Pour the juice from the mug into a saucepan. Heat the orange juice on the stove. Add a miserly teaspoon of honey (or to taste) to the orange juice while it is heating. Stir the honey into the juice. When the juice and honey mixture is just about boiling, pour it back into the mug. Add a generous shot of whisky. Stir, drink while hot, go to bed.

I suppose you could heat the oj and honey in a microwave too, if you have one.

Hardened alcoholics may need two doses.

* still seething inside, of course.

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