Monday, March 20, 2006

Only Solutions

My only complaint about my new job (aside from the fact that I have to get out of bed every day, which is usual in jobs) has been that the coffee tastes like poo. I have mentioned the problem to the right people – wondering how they could have not noticed such a fact on their own, but no one else seems to think it necessary to invest in a restaurant quality espresso machine.

In Tomášek’s firm, making a proper cappuccino is a point of pride for the partners, while I find myself in a firm where they think the clients are only interested in good legal advice. But how can you trust lawyers who can’t even make a decent cup of coffee? (I know, I know – how can you trust lawyers? Shut up.)

My motto at some point in the past before I knew any better used to be “There are no problems, only solutions.” (Thanks to Kitty Killer for reminding me of that.) So, being that we are not getting a beautiful new espresso machine, I have to figure out why the coffee tastes like poo and what we can do about it. Why do I have to do it? Only because if I don’t, no one will and I’ll be drinking poo-flavoured coffee for the rest of my working life.

As the firm is buying perfectly decent coffee beans, I decided that the problem must be that the coffeemaker has probably not been cleaned properly in about, oh – ever. I mentioned this to the German lawyer (foreigners like to complain to each other first) and then to the Czech lawyer with whom I sit. But of course merely talking about it did not cause anything to happen.

Today when I got back from lunch I poured myself a cup of coffee. I put sugar in it, which I don’t normally do, and milk, but still it tasted like poo. And then finally the motivation hit me and I researched how to properly clean a coffeemaker. The key, as I had suspected, is white vinegar, but everyone else probably already knows that. I typed out simple directions and I have given them to my officemate who will have a word with the evening receptionist and perhaps one night this week, the coffeemaker will finally be cleaned. I’ll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

clean it yourself!

Monkey's Max said...

It's been done and, as expected, the coffee is now drinkable.