Friday, November 04, 2005

Dopey Dutch

Monkey brought this news to my attention earlier today.

The government of the Netherlands has just announced a scheme to bar foreigners from drug-selling coffee shops, with an aim to end “drug tourism”. The Dutch government has been under pressure from, in particular, Germany and France to tighten its cannabis laws. Coffee shops will still be able to operate, but as 'members only' venues, and memberships will be available only to Dutch residents.

The coffee shop owners are, of course, not happy about the proposed measures. They are licensed by local authorities and pay huge taxes. “It’s totally ridiculous. The minister is stupid. If this system comes in, all the tourists will buy from criminals in the street,” said Arjan Roskam of the Union of Cannabis Retailers.

And of course drug tourists are not happy about it either. “We are devastated,” said Alan Buffry of the Legalise Cannabis Alliance (UK). “It’s always been a refuge where you can smoke and relax without having to look over your shoulder. It was like a holiday from the police.”

Just another example of a government moving in the wrong direction.

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Anonymous said...

This is bullshit! Amsterdam will never go through with it. They would lose too much money.

By the way, as of January 2006 it will be illegal to smoke tabacco in bars and restaurants in Montreal, Quebec. Ostie de tabarnacle sacre bleu! IN other words Ti vole!