Saturday, November 19, 2005

More on the use of WP in Falluja

There is an article in The Independent today which brings some important information to light and supports my last comment to my previous post.

A manual issued at the US Army Command and General Staff School says that WP can be used as a smoke screen, but that, “It is against the law of land warfare to employ WP against personnel targets.”

The 1980 Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons prohibits the use of WP, as well as other incendiaries, against civilians. The Convention further states that forces using incendiaries against military targets must take all available steps to avoid civilian casualties.

Daryl Kimball, the executive director of the Arms Control Association, said: ‘The evidence available suggests that that may not have been done.’”

Many Americans want to believe that our country is moral and does no wrong and that there is an explanation for every action with which anyone finds fault, but the fact is that sometimes there is no explanation except that the people giving the orders are not moral and think they are above the rules.

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Monkey's Max said...

In today's Independent: US intelligence classified white phosphorus as 'chemical weapon'