Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Feminist Max

Today I am wondering why feminism gets so much criticism. To define my use of the term I am going to borrow from Helena Kennedy, who has said:

Feminism is a theory which involves women emancipating themselves on their own terms from inequalities and discrimination based on gender. The canon of this political philosophy addresses patriarchal orthodoxies within a male-dominated society. It seeks to bring an end to women’s subordination and violence against women by empowering women and giving them control over their own bodies.

I do not understand why so many men seem to be threatened by feminism. I consider myself a feminist, by my own definition, and I do realise that there are other definitions out there. To me, being a feminist means supporting women’s rights, but it does not mean that I want to take anything away from men (except for the power to control women, obviously).

I want equal pay, equal opportunity, streets that are safe for me to walk at night, sexual freedom, the right to choose to have an abortion or not, etc. I do not wish to emasculate men, I do not hate men. In truth, I like men. I will smile and say ‘thank you’ if you open a door for me and I will be grateful if you carry a heavy bag for me. I do not pretend that I am as strong as a man; I acknowledge the differences in our physiology.

I want to be able to make my own choices as to whether to be independent or to marry, stay at home and raise children; men should have the same possibilities. Feminism is really just another philosophy of non-interference, i.e. live and let live. I simply do not see what could be so menacing in that.


AG said...

Dear Max,

I've said, for the last 35 years or so, that men need to be emancipated from the programming they've been raised with before they can be comfortable with the idea that woman are their equals.

Unfortunately, the feminist movement was hijacked years ago by women who hate men and, therefore, a great many men and women lost the point.

I could never really understand women who wanted to be garbage collectors, construction workers, plumbers or electricians. However, I have always defended their right to be whatever they chose to be. I feel the same about abortion. It's all about choice, as far as I'm concerned. I never subscribed to the double standards, in any area of life, that I was raised with.

But, to be honest, whene'er I meet a MCP, I usually end up saying that a woman can do anything a man can do and, in addition, make babies. So, there!

AG said...

Can you tell I have nothing better to do today than check into your blogs and comment...???

Max said...

AG, get a job.

Sinister Steve said...


Women don't make less then men because of a sexist workplace environment. Them make less because they take jobs that are normally "less dangerous" or not exposed to outside elements. When you take an average and say that women make 76 cents to the mans dollar it is because men are working in construction and not as secretaries. It has been documented time and time again that the majority of women in the workplace are looking for great benefits, flexiblity and a safe working environment. Men on the other hand look for jobs that pay well. In addition, your average women will be out of the workplace for 3-5 years taking care of her kids. This causes missed raises and promotions. Your thoughts?

Max said...

Good points, SS. However the fact is that women make less than men in 'identical' positions. Not only in the US, but all over the world.

As for time out to take care of kids, I don't know many women who have done that. Most middle class families need two incomes.

I know lots of women who have done better than most men, of course, and I don't worry for myself, but I do worry for women who are struggling and making less money than the men standing next to them on the factory floor.

Sinister Steve said...

Ive been on this factory floor that you speak of and can tell you it is all pretty categorized on how people are paid. Men or Women. Starting wage, 3 month raise, yearly raise. Once again though you will find that women in these types of jobs are not willing to attempt jobs that pay more such as welding or maint. It is not that these jobs are not open to them it is that they don't want to do them. A plant manager is going to pay more for a good tool and die man than say a general assembler. You can replace an assemble in a days time. As for women staying home from work to take care of kids I think it happens more than you think (at least here in the US.)

Sinister Steve said...

according to US Census Bureau data, full-time-men work 2213 hours a year on average versus only 1796 for full-time women. Lastly, women are far more likely than men to refuse promotions, citing familial responsibilities - men are at the other end of the spectrum and tend to actually be very aggressive about climbing the corporate ladder.

Anonymous said...

Can you believe Rhonda Mae Banks makes $4.53 just to sell popcorn over at Eds place? Now we was as suprised as Jenny Thomas was when little old Raul fell out but its all true.

chatsy malone said...

errrr um AG has a point. I was a one of those hardcore feminists and hold a women's studies certificate. I have participated in many feminist courses led by female and male feminists most of which who descriminate against men and "jocks" and anyone who doesn't fit in the 'feminist' definition. I walked out of a couple of classes because of the male bashing and my favorite is that feminist's want to change the spelling of certain words. Women to Womyn. Human to humyn. The word man or men irks them in those words. Well I got up and raised my voice to express that men man is a person and who gives a fuck if it's male or not. Go out and demonstrate or get a job but don't waste your time trying to change some pitiful thing like the spelling of a word. It's still not going to give me the same or higher pay then if a man were to do my job and make me walking home late at night feel safer! (there was a rapist on the lose last summer in my hood and he raped someone two blocks from my place. They have since caught him with the help of the community)
It's the word. We need to stop using feminisim as a term. It's bad PR. There are 5 types of feminism, go look them up if you want to know.
Unfortunatly women still get paid less money then men and have to work harder and try harder to get respect in the workforce to prove that they didn't fuck their way to the top.
Men are confused as to should they hold that door open or should they not?
After living in Eastern Europe with billboards advertising caucking with a hot blond and silicone tits to sell this product I have losened up a bit.
I am not so hard on men anymore. I love men all shapes and forms. I can handle most men in my professional and personal life. Going out and raging against men defeats the purpose of what feminism means to me.

Riggs is Crazy said...

MM said: I want equal pay, equal opportunity, streets that are safe for me to walk at night, sexual freedom, the right to choose to have an abortion or not, etc.

Notorious B.I.G. said:
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You be the judge.

Sinister Steve said...

See Max you need more postings like this so us idiots can play too.

AG- sorry about the nasty comment the other day. in a bad mode.

Devastatin' Dave said...

I'm a lesbian trapped in a man's body.

Max said...

Sorry I missed half the fun. I got to go to dinner with AG and then we went to our local to meet kd.

Mad Canadian, aka Chatsy Malone, thanks for the thoughtful comments. I totally agree with you. Like I said in my post, I like men too. You know I do, honey.

SS, very thoughtful of you to apologise to AG. I know she appreciates it (or perhaps she was merely surprised by it) - she went home before I did and sent me a text to tell me you had apologised.

I like playing with all of you guys.

Sinister Steve said...

Man I spell like a chick. Ha! Luckily mode worked there when it should have been mood.

Sinister Steve said...

Here is one of my favorite jokes and I cant take credit for it. My little brother told it to me. When you tell it you have to tell like it was a real experience.

"So I'm fucking this chick doggy style and I take my dick out and put it in her ass and she says that is aweful presumptuous of you. So I said, PRESUMPTUOUS, that's an aweful big word for a 12 yr old"

Sinister Steve said...

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Max said...

SS, your spelling mistakes have been noticed - not only 'mode' but also 'aweful'. However, sometimes it is best to ignore small mistakes in order to focus on the larger issues.

And would the little brother that told you that interesting joke be, by any chance, Shiny Matt?

Sinister Steve said...


Nope but Shiny Matt has a twin by the name of Dirty Miguel.

Max said...

Yes, SS, I have heard of this Dirty Miguel. He has dropped a comment or two around our neighbourhood.

What a band of brothers.

Miss K said...

MM you gotta stop referring to me as Mad Canadian. I am not MAD. anymore. I rarely go out on drunken debaucheries and make a specticle of myself in public. I had to stop doing this as hard as it was simply because it would jeoperdize my profession (PR). My night time name now is Miss K which is how you may refer to me when speaking to mutual freinds and when telling stories about me. Otherwise you may use my alter ego Celinka and I thought I'd Dionova seeing as I am in the vicinity of that bitch's hometown. Las Vega. wink.
I enjoy your blogs MM and I don't take them too seriously. You bring up good points and not everyone is going to agree with you or each other. My mum once told me: Celinko if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all.

Max said...

Sorry, Celinko, you will always be the Mad Canadian to me. Unless you have become one of those boring ones, which I could never believe.

Anonymous said...

DD - With that half-boob of yours, calling what you have a 'man's body' is a bit of the stretch

Celinka Dionova said...

No I am never boring but I am not Mad either. I just always had a genuine sense of humour and wild streak. I don't like being called the Mad Canadian so please just refer to me as Celinka or my new nightime name Miss K.

Max said...

Celinko - you used to be very proud of the name "Mad Canadian". I'm disappointed in you now.