Saturday, June 11, 2005

Weekend Survey

The question: Which country will the United States invade next? And why?

I was at U Zpěváčků last night (on the beer and black sambuca part of my date with the beautiful kd) and these are some of the answers I got:

Syria – because they are troublemakers, their interference with Lebanon, recent testing of a Scud missile, and we need to protect Israel to bring about the Rapture.

Iran – nuclear weapons, conveniently located next to Iraq, continue our crusade against Muslims.

Cuba – we can spell it, we can find it, we can vacation there. And they’re commies.

Lebanon – to keep the peace.

Belorus – the last dictatorship in Eastern Europe.

Venezuela – oil, and Chavez is friends with Castro. Drug lords.

Mexico or Canada – conveniently located.

Iceland – it poses a clear and imminent danger: the whole fucking place is creeping up on the US by several cm per year with obvious intent. And Björk is a WMD.

Narnia – so that W can stop being scared of the wardrobe.

Thanks to kd, AG, the “arrogant bastard” and others for taking part in the survey.

Opinions, please, my wonderful blogging friends.


AG said...

We do have fun on a Friday night.

Anonymous said...

New Jersey - Just wishful thinking.

Devastatin' Dave said...

Although the would love to invade Iran, I'll go with Syria. A little easier.

Monkey's Max said...

More evidence for Venezuela:

(from BBC News)

During his programme on Sunday, which lasted more than seven hours, Mr Chavez said Latin American countries were moving towards socialist economic models instead of US-style capitalism.

He said Mr Bush's idea for a hemisphere-wide free trade zone, mooted last week at a meeting of the Organisation of American States in Florida, would lead to more poverty and protests in the region.

"We say no Mr Bush, no sir... I'm sorry for you," he said. "The people of Latin America are saying 'no' to you, Mr Danger, they are saying no to your medicine.

"Capitalism is the road to destabilisation, violence and war between brothers."

Riggs is Crazy said...

Yeah Capitalism!

Devastatin' Dave said...

First of all, I'll be glad to see the day when America practices REAL capitalism, instead of this mixed economy shit.

Venezuela and the rest of Latin America are correct to reject Bush's interference, but for the wrong reasons.

This statement: "Capitalism is the road to destabilisation, violence and war between brothers." is just plain ignorant.

There is a great quote by the French Economist Frederic Bastiat -"When goods do not cross borders, soldiers will." Basically, free trade promotes peace and good will.

Anonymous said...

They'll never invade Canada...that is if the US governement ever saw the result of South Park the movie.

Lauren said...

I doubt the U.S. will invade Cuba. Castro is getting old and weak (broken knee..osteoporosis?). I think the U.S. will wait till Castro dies, then send a team of diplomats to the country to influence the new government to adopt a form of democracy. I do not think that the U.S. will send any more troops to Cuba, or at least I hope it doesn't.

matt_in_carajo said...

I'm hoping we invade a Latin American country. Did you see how much they're paying specialists to go to Iraq? Let's make jobs! My vote is Venezuela, and Cuba, and Mexico, at the same time.

Monkey's Max said...

Shiny Matt, when you are drafted you can come stay with me. Lauren, in case the draft includes women this time round, you too.

Anyone else of draftable age?