Friday, June 24, 2005

Land of the Free

I found this in the newspaper today:

“Countries that already outlaw burning the national flag include China, North Korea, Iraq, Iran and Cuba.”,,11069-1667033,00.html

What the above partial list tells us is that any country that would pass such a law is currently, or is on its way to becoming, a police state, to whatever degree. We need to put aside imagining how we might actually feel were we to see someone burning our flag in order to evaluate what the proposed amendment to our Constitution says about the direction our country has taken.

There is simply no need for such a constitutional amendment or, I will go even further to say, regular criminal legislation. As DD has pointed out, the crime of damaging property belonging to another already exists.

The United States was founded on principles of liberty, as we have all agreed. The word “liberty” is in our Declaration of Independence as one of our “unalienable rights” and in the preamble to our Constitution as a “blessing” to be secured for “our posterity”. Any amendment to the Constitution, therefore, should increase our liberties, not take away from them.


Anonymous said...

Sorry..don't have a comment on this. To tired to rant ..

I will, however, share one of my lamest moments.

Right before I was getting married I was at the soon to be in-laws to pick up my soon to be bride for a date.

What was on the tv? The OJ white bronco chase. What did I do...cry. Yep, cried for OJ. Everyone was looking at me like a freak...especially when my voice cracked as I just said 'O-O-O J'.

Wish I was making that up....and for the record I think OJ is a dirtbag. In my feeble defense, at the time of the great chase there wasn't as much know about the case or what a f'er he was/is. At least I tell myself that....

Monkey's Max said...

"Yep, I did that" - thanks for sharing.

After OJ was acquitted, but before he moved to Florida, he lived in my parents' building for 9 months. They live about 1 mile away from where that fucker committed the murders.

Anonymous said...

and yes he is a fucker and yes he did it.

You want to rant about something...I can rant about how celebrity juries suck! OJ, MJ, Robert Blake...goes on and on.

Anonymous said...

yup I did it