Sunday, July 31, 2005

AG Birthday Report

Just what we needed: an excuse to get together and over indulge in the booze. We started at AG’s in a proper grown-up manner, with supper and wine out in the garden. AG had done the cooking herself and everything was delicious. Then it rained so we were inside for opening presents and coffee and cake. But enough of the civilised stuff, let’s get on to the after-party at U Zpěváčků.

There were 8 of us who went on from AG’s: AG, Dr Bellarina, J, Delicia, Delicia’s brothers: the card-carrying Republican and Bubba, the beautiful kd and Max. Mike was there to look after us, and Monkey showed up at midnight (kind of a post-modern whacked-out Cinderella).

AG lamented making it to 60: “I always wanted to live fast, die young and be a good-looking corpse, and it’s already too late.” Hey ho.

Conversation was all over the place, of course, from what is wrong with corporate America to the problem with Dutch men to Delicia not understanding ebonics and Max not understanding American, that there is not enough drive for new knowledge in the US, etc.

Monkey and I learned that the card-carrying Republican had assumed that we must be CIA “because of your language skills and intellect”. Weird. Delicia said we were the “bar version of the NSA”, listening intently to everyone and gathering information and knowledge. Weird again.

We discussed the re-branding of the global war on terror as the “global struggle against extremism” – you know, Bush’s Kampf. And that the FBI is watching all of us look at each other’s blogs.

Back to the card-carrying Republican mentalist. There was a discussion about Karl Rove going on and the Republican once again refused to accept anything. I couldn’t believe that he was so completely towing the party line. As J said to him, “You sound like the fucking White House.” The Republican claimed that the media were “manipulating your interpretation of the facts,” which caused us to burst out laughing. As I had said to the Republican earlier in the week, he is so naïve, he sounds like bloody Francis.

Then weird limey tourist drunk Howard popped into the back room to announce to us that he would be off home to Yorkshire tomorrow, and that his favourite band is the Beatles. Random.

Mike: “People with red asses shouldn’t be so rude.”

Monkey: “I’m not a baboon, I’m a monkey.”

Happy Birthday, AG!!!


knottyboy said...

I've never understood that republicunts that "wish to have an intelligent conversation with liberals", always shrivel when it comes to admitting they've really fucked up in black and white, on the radio, tv and the internet. Nowhere to hide and still saying, "would someone talk sense with me?" Blaming us for holding their nose to this pile of shit on the floor and insisting it's a gift.
Does this make me a monkey lover?

Monkey said...

Indeed. Fancy a shag?

Anonymous A-Hole said...


I won't give up too much personal information, but your educational profile matches many in the CIA to a T. I don't think it's all that 'weird' for one to suspect espionage from at least one in your group.

They may be wrong (or they may not be ;-)) but their suspicions are at least somewhat understandable.

And the politics these days are certainly a match!

See you soon.