Friday, July 29, 2005

Happy Birthday querida Página!!!

May all of your dreams come true this year, especially the one about visiting me and Monkey in Prague.
Don't get too too too drunk tonight.
Make sure Jono gives you a big kiss for me.
Love you.


Monkey said...

Happy Birthday Paige!
Don't listen to Max, get super-duper drunk tonight. Hope to see you and Olivier sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

Hello to Monkey and Max,

I am pleased to report that, with all of the over time I have been working, a trip to Prague is well within budget for this fall :)

Thank you both for the birthday wishes and please know that the happy thoughts and hugs and kisses are returned ten-fold!!

I will do my best to embarass myself at my drink do this evening in honor of you both.

lots of love,