Monday, July 18, 2005

London and Iraq

I was reproached on my post of 7th July about the bombings in London for writing “… unfortunately the war in Iraq has increased the likelihood of such attacks.”

Today in the news: “A respected think-tank has claimed that UK involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan could have fuelled the London terror bombings.”

The Blair government has, not surprisingly, criticised the report.

The thing is that neither the report nor I mean to say that the bombings could not or would not have happened eventually no matter what. There is, of course, no way to know. What the report claims, and I agree with it, is that UK involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan has increased the likelihood of such attacks in Britain, and has certainly contributed to terrorist recruitment and fund-raising.

We are caught up in a self-perpetuating cycle of violence and murder, and I fear that our governments are not even interested in trying to break the cycle.


Devastatin' Dave said...

Adds credence to Beamis' post of a few days ago.

Devastatin' Dave said...

"Perpetual war for perpetual peace."

Monkey's Max said...

DD, yes it does. For anyone who is interested, DD is referring to "The Logic of Suicide Terrorism" posted 9th July at

Beamis and I have both found credible sources to back up our own arguments. That means we are right.

AG said...

Some of us knew you were right without the credible sources. It's common sense amongst intellectuals who didn't vote for that pig.

Have you heard the name Jeff Gannon? I'd like to know who was giving him a press pass into the White House news conferences for a period of 2 years.

Anonymous said...

One time we was all down over at charlenes house and we seen a real big truck and i swear we was all thinking it was a tank coming down but it was only ed with his 5 wheel. We was real, real scared but it werent nothing but stupid old ed. We laughed almost for a hour but we was scared. Real, real scared. You know.

Monkey's Max said...

Yes, AG, of course I know all about Jeff Gannon. That's Monkey's responsibility to make sure I don't miss anything. There is an extensive article about Gannon in one of the recent (May, June?) Vanity Fairs that is knocking around - either you or Mike should have it.

Anyway, Gannon's name just brings to mind Karl Rove who is so sketchy and so clearly guilty of something, whether it has to do with Gannon or Plame or both.