Friday, July 15, 2005

Ode to a Monkey

monkey /'mungki/ noun 1 any of the primate mammals, with the exception of human beings and usu the lemurs and tarsiers… 2 informal a mischievous child; a scamp. 3 any of various machines, implements, or vessels, esp the falling weight of a pile driver. 4 Brit, informal the sum of £500. 5 slang a desperate desire for or an addiction to drugs. * have a monkey on one’s back slang to be addicted to or dependent on drugs. make a monkey of (somebody) to make (somebody) appear ridiculous.

monkey verb intrans informal 1 (often + about/around) to act in an absurd or mischievous manner. 2 (+ with) to meddle or tamper with something.

monkey business noun informal mischievous or underhand activity.

monkey flower noun any of several species of plants with yellow or red flowers resembling those of the snapdragon…

monkey jacket noun a short fitted uniform jacket reaching to the waist.

monkey nut noun Brit a peanut.

monkey-puzzle noun a widely planted S American evergreen conifer tree that has a network of intertwined branches covered with spirals of stiff sharp needlelike leaves… [from the notion that even a monkey would have difficulty climbing it].

monkey shines pl noun NAmer = MONKEY TRICKS

monkey suit noun informal a dinner suit.

monkey’s wedding noun SAfr, informal a mixture of sunshine and rain.

monkey tricks pl noun informal mischievous or underhand acts.

monkey wrench noun a large spanner with one fixed and one adjustable jaw.

Definitions taken from The Penguin English Dictionary, Czech edition 2005.


Monkey said...

What, no pictures?!

Anonymous said...

monkeybusines-Czech/US funk band based out of Praha