Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Live free or die

There are some weird state mottos. Now that I have signed up to move to the state with the best motto, I decided to research what some of the other states had to say for themselves.

Best motto
New Hampshire: Live free or die

Good mottos
Alabama: Audemus jura nostra defendere - We dare defend our rights
Delaware: Liberty and independence
Iowa: Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain

Mottos that somehow missed the mark
Indiana: The crossroads of America
- sorry, sounds like a shopping mall
Kansas: Ad astra per aspera – To the stars through difficulty
- 1950s advert or communist slogan
New Mexico: Crescit eundo - It grows as it goes
- what the fuck does that mean?
Oklahoma: Labor vincit omnia – Work conquers all
- my favourite - Arbeit macht frei
Washington: Al-ki (Chinook) - By and by
- mañana?


Anonymous said...

There was a good article (that I can't find to post) about how numerous states are rebelling against the recent eminent domain ruling. I guess the original ruling gave the states a lot of discretion and because of the backlash a lot of elected officials are afraid to support it.

Monkey's Max said...

SS, I just googled: eminent domain ruling backlash. A lot of different articles came up from all different sources. Good stuff.

Monkey's Max said...

Try this one:

William said...

In Australia our state mottos are on the license plates, most interestingly you can still quite often see a plate that says "NSW - Towards 2000", which is probably the least worry everybody had about Y2K

Anonymous said...

Who the hell are you and who cares about OZ?! We're talking about America here, get it? Numero uno!

Skeeter said...


Our state mottos are on US plates too...most, if not all, states now offer about 100 different plates you can get, with school, team, organization, or favorite cause. The standard plates generally have the motto on it or some reference to it.

Tennessee's motto has to be the most boring..."Agriculture and Commerce"..sounds like they just gave's known as the Volunteer State because of the Alamo but I'm guessing people in middle and western TN didn't want it because of it's association to the University of Tennessee in Knoxville (east TN)...frankly you do get bombarded with Orange and White when you live here...GO VOLS!

Wait a minute...GO BUCKS!

Skeeter said...

OK I did a quick search for state mottoes. Forgot about Virginia's which is my favorite...

Sic Semper Tyrannis "Thus always to Tyrants"..what Boothe screamed as he leapt from the balcony at Fords theatre after shooting Lincoln..then breaking his leg

Monkey said...

Monkey's Motto: In vino veritas, in fluid aetherius. (In wine there is truth, in booze there is heaven).