Monday, December 05, 2005

Condi is pissed off again

It’s For Your Own Good

Don’t you complain about our secret jails, Condoleezza Rice rebuked the Europeans, because we are saving your lives. Muttering under her breath about cheese-eating surrender monkeys and euro-trash, the Secretary of State went on to say how we just don’t understand the difference between right and wrong, how we don’t understand what is good for us, and how maybe someday we will be able to appreciate all the US government/CIA have done for us. You see, she explained, through rendition and torturing spooky foreigners, we are obtaining information that protects you silly Europeans.

And may I reiterate that this is a war on terror and once again, you are either with us or against us.


Monkey said...

Too bad Miss Condi don't live in South Carolina - circa 1842.

Audie said...


Hey, has anyone ever seen Condi and Colin in the same place at the same time? Look closely at that face in MM's post. I think that's actually Colin's dark side, with a wig and lipstick.

Monkey said...
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Monkey's Max said...

Audie, I have not. I think you could be on to something.