Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Max Finishes in First

Regular season play has ended in my fantasy football league. After week 2, I was 0-2 and in last place. But then my team started to come through for me. I clawed my way up through the standings, but then remained in 3rd place for weeks. Jimmy and Fatty were above me and neither of them would lose enough for me to move up. Last week Jimmy finally lost and dropped down to 3rd, pushing me up to 2nd. And this week, against all odds, Fatty has lost and I have won and I am now sitting in 1st place.

There are 14 teams in my league and I am the only female manager. My triumph over 13 men is a triumph for women everywhere.

I do not know how I will fare in the play-offs. All I am going to do right now is savour my victory, enjoy the sight of my team name at the top of the list and take the piss out of all of the boys on my league's message board.

Sinister Steve, thank you so much for all of your help and advice.


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Audie said...

HaHa! Way to go, MM!