Tuesday, December 06, 2005

In Support of Bpeace

Kirsten’s cousin Kate is in Afghanistan again. Kirsten has asked me to post a message from Kate. Here it is:

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Bpeace leaves for Kabul on December 1st for our winter mission.

Why Now?
This trip comes at an important time, both for our program participants, as well as for the country at large which has recently seen renewed efforts by the Taliban and Al-Qaida to further instability. The team looks forward to bringing a non-military face of America to those in Afghanistan who may be influenced by the insurgency's anti-American and anti-progress talk.

But most importantly our women are poised to make breakthroughs in their businesses and now is the time to help tip them to success. I can not tell you how much I look forward to seeing all of them again. I particularly can not wait to greet Rahima who won a seat in the upper parliamentary house!

A Simple Favor to Ask
Check out our blog at http://bpeaceinafghanistan.blogspot.com/. First posting from our Dubai departure pad should be up by December 3rd and will continue through December 16th. Please have courage and post on the blog. We really do read and appreciate the messages. Pass the URL on to others, particularly young people!

This is a Vacation?
Our agenda is absolutely packed with mentor work sessions, training classes (we have over 120 women signed up!) and meeting after meeting with finance institutions, government institutions and private business people.

This is vacation time for most of the Bpeacers with 7 days a week/7am to 12am workdays assured for six people who all paid their own way for the privilege . . .sort of like a ski vacation without the skis, hot chocolate, beer, fondue or blazing fires . . .

Thinking of you all,
Catch you on the other side of the world . . .be well . . .Kate

p.s. A brilliant idea :)
No one needs another sweater. A bpeace donation makes a great holiday gift for those who have everything. Just go to http://www.bpeace.org/ and click donate!


Monkey said...

Or directly to Kate and out of NGO pockets.

Audie said...

I assume Kate and Kirsten know of your perspective on American peace activists who venture into dangerous, war-torn areas that have, for instance, "seen renewed efforts by the Taliban and Al-Qaida to further instability," as reflected in your post titled "As Stupid Does"?