Thursday, December 22, 2005

French people suck

I was looking at BBC News online and reading the story “France approves anti-terror bill”. I had just got to the part where internet café owners are going to have to hand records over to the police when a Meatmen song popped into my head. Perhaps you know it, it’s called “French people suck”. These are the lyrics:

French people suck
I just gotta say
Made the jet fighter pilots
Go out of their way
Hating Yankees too much
Those beret-headed nuts.
They can stick the Eiffel Tower
Straight up their butts.

Last time I flew Air France
Played a tune on my Uzi
And made the sissies dance.
Killed a hundred or more
And I had a ball.
Those freakin' frog suckers
Be the death of us all.

French people suck.
French people suck.
French people suck.
French people suck my...

* Disclaimer: I don’t really hate French people - it’s just a catchy tune. But I really do hate Air France for losing my luggage for weeks at a time.


Tits Malone said...


At least you interact with real French people not the faux-French crazy people of Quebec....

"Je me souviens" my ass!

All the best in the New Year sweetie! I will keep you updated while I am in Dublin.

Anonymous said...

now these guys really suck!

Anonymous said...

Took the words right out of my mouth.

PS no smoking in restaurants or bars by may 31 2006. Get your ass over here before then.
you too max!

aingdatang said...

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