Thursday, May 26, 2005

The 18th Track

On Tuesday, in addition to the book of quotes, Richard also presented me with his control copy of a demo cd he had recently sent to a music magazine in the US. (He produces music in a studio in his house: electronic tracks, remixes and such.) He told me what was on each track and I looked at the cd and registered that there were 17 tracks.

But I knew straight away that there should have been 18 tracks and that it was a mistake that the 18th track had been left off.

I asked Richard about the missing track and his eyes got very wide.

“How did you know that?” he asked.

I had been spot on. Richard had had another track all set to go on the cd, but had finished everything before he realised that he had left it off.

I just know things sometimes. It does not help me with the horses, however. On Sunday I bet on 8 races and did not win a single one.

My research has shown me that there is a significant connection between Carl Jung’s concepts of the unconscious mind and synchronicity on the one hand, and extra-sensory perception (telepathy and clairvoyance) on the other. But it gets really complicated and I’m not sure how much further I will get in my sporadic research because I have a very limited attention span.


Anonymous said...

I want a copy of the cd.

stop drinking so much and betting on horses Max what are you 60 something and retired now?

Monkey's Max said...

Who said anything about drinking? And could you please not give away my age.

Anonymous said...

(ask her about the smack)

Anonymous said...

What about the smack?

Monkey's Max said...

I don't actually indulge.

My dictionary says that the origin of "smack" as slang for heroin may be from Yiddish: shmek - meaning sniff, whiff, pinch of snuff.

Anonymous said...

huh you stopped drinking but too up smack now?

Monkey's Max said...

Who said I stopped drinking, you weird Canadian? No, I am not shooting smack. Please don't believe everything anonymous posters write on my blog.