Monday, May 16, 2005

World Champions in Hockey...again

Mistři! Češi pokořili Kanadu a mají zlato!
Champions! The Czechs have humiliated Canada and have the gold!

Did anyone watch the hockey yesterday?

Jono, AG and I went to U Zpěváčků. The Cricketer came over when I texted him that we were there, so the four of us watched the final together. rtm came in towards the end of the match, having biked down from a costume party/film set, which explained his attire. rtm, by the way, often looks as if he has been hurriedly dressed by oompa-loompas who have purchased clothes for him in leprechaun second-hand shops. The funny thing is that he pulls it off.

The match was fairly exciting. We spent a lot of time making fun of the Canadians in the bar, or people we imagined to be Canadian, as well as two annoying American students with Valley accents and one cheap bastard who must have bummed a cigarette from every single person in the bar instead of buying his own pack. Jono even made fun of the Cricketer, in a nice way, saying to him: "I just don't see the point of lots of people dressing in white and then standing around in a field for three days."

The hockey match ended in a nice brawl and an empty-net goal to make the final score 3:0.

The Cricketer went back to his house, and Jono and I walked home amidst the cheering Czechs.


knottyboy said...

I might just be to big of a poofter to get sports. But J man is a bit pink, he's also a Brit so that must be why he loves it so. Confuzzling...

Anonymous said...

Don't speak unless you can improve on the silence.
- Spanish Proverb

Anonymous said...

I am so happy the Czechs won. I always root for the Czech even if I am a Canadian. Most of our NHL teams are made of Czechs anyway.