Saturday, May 07, 2005

Today's rant

Stephy has offered to marry me so that I can get permanent residency in the Czech Republic and avoid visa complications. That is a very generous offer, sweet Stephy, thank you. Unfortunately, while Stephy does have Czech citizenship, she currently lives in Texas, which is more or less the last place I would ever live.

On the other hand, I would like to marry Steph to assert my right to marry whomever I want. I have been outraged over the last couple of days, reading about all the fascists in America who want to control everyone else’s lives: no gay marriage, no gay adoptive parents, no gay foster parents; no benefits, no health insurance, no social protection...

It always comes down to the same thing: a bunch of closed-minded assholes trying to control other people’s lives.

We all know the conflicts and the paradoxes, e.g. being anti choice but pro death penalty, or being anti gay parents but not giving a shit if a heterosexual white man is beating his wife and abusing his children. What puzzles me is why these people are the least bit concerned about the lifestyles of people they do not even know. What difference can it possibly make to them?

The first thing I read this morning was about the president of Latvia awarding George W Bush her nation’s highest medal for being a “signal fighter of freedom and democracy in the world.” I do not understand that at all. It is ironic to me because I know that Bush does not support freedom in the US (refer to issues above, amongst others). And I would like to know in what light he can be seen as a fighter for democracy, because I see him as a corrupt war-monger and all round general fascist. It is true that in post-communist Europe, people are grateful to the US for helping to end communism, and rightfully so, but Bush junior had nothing at all to do with that. If the communists had still controlled this part of Europe when Bush junior came to power, he probably would have invaded in order to bring democracy to the people.


Anonymous said...

George Bush is only a symptom, not the problem. Delve deeper, you will see the cause of the cancer.

knottyboy said...

They could give him the highest award for having a predilection for consuming his own excrement. That would be as of an award if any I would give that little shit.

Anonymous said...

i would be pro choice if we would mandate that before a baby is vacuumed up it signs a written consent form allowing for such a procedure to be done and therefore forfeiting its right to life.

Anonymous said...

Max...go back to talking about you and dongs. The other topics you have picked sucked:

My Friend Can Ride A Bike
I like Crappy Bands
I Rant and make no sense
My Friend Can Ride A Bike (Really)

Monkey's Max said...

SS, you know that the signature of a minor means nothing legally. That's why your mom or dad had to sign the permission slip for you to go on field trips. And why most of us learned to forge at least one parent's signature by high school, at the latest.

Anon, you may mean to be offensive but you just made me laugh.

Anonymous said...


So is it safe to say that if I had custody over a minor I could have them "disposed of" at any time until their 18th birthday? Are we looking at abotion up until the 57th trimester?

Monkey's Max said...

SS, No.

Anonymous said... full intention was to get a giggle. Just playing around and would never intentionally want to hurt your feelings.

I too had to laugh on the 'My Friend Can Ride A Bike' line...

Anonymous said...

MM, need a passport? I got one! I am pretty sure in some provinces you can marry whomever you front of a justice of the peace. if not yet...soon my love. It's finally nice, warm and sunny up here. Besides I know you are madly inlove with me.