Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Standards of Behaviour

...or "behavior" as my friend Matty likes to spell it.

Talking about a particular night out with Tommy in LA, I have described our state as “Prague drunk” which is completely different to LA drunk and entirely inappropriate when in LA. We started at 5 in the afternoon in downtown Santa Monica, went to a few different bars, never ate dinner, and drank until about 2 a.m. I am sure we were hilarious, but we must have totally shocked the locals who were not used to that level of unashamed drunkenness on a Tuesday night. Probably especially when our friendly and innocent kiss goodnight in front of the last bar went a bit further than either of us had anticipated.

Jono was in New York and went out with another limey for some beers. They had had only 2 pints each and when ordering a 3rd, the waitress asked them if they hadn’t already had enough. They looked at each other in disbelief and then proceeded to spend the rest of the afternoon in the pub and got properly British drunk, which was entirely inappropriate in New York.

I remember noticing very quickly when I first came over to Czech that people had a different attitude towards drunkenness. I think the Czechs think that drunkenness is a natural state, we all get into it from time to time, and it is therefore nothing to be ashamed of or to look down upon. Drinking is encouraged. The first time I went to visit a friend in Moravia, I learned that when your host takes the top off a bottle of homemade slivovice the top does not get put back on. You drink shot after shot until the bottle is empty. (As Monkey and Kirky and I did one day at work with a bottle of Albanian raki.)

Czechs also have a different attitude towards public displays of affection. People snog on the metro here, even during the day and while it's full. You see couples fully making out in bars and clubs all the time. No one pays any attention except for voyeurs and perverts.

Jono and I were talking about all of this, and about how sometimes we tell stories to friends and they are a bit shocked by our escapades. It seems that we simply forget that what is acceptable in our worlds may not always be normal in other people’s worlds.

I am not making excuses, just observations.


AG and I were discussing a friend of mine whom I defended as being wonderful, although tiresome when drunk.

AG’s response to me was:

Most drunks are tiresome. You’re not – you become more brilliant.

Thanks, AG.


Anonymous said...

A talkative bird will not build a nest. - West African proverb

Monkey's Max said...

Piss off. - English proverb

Anonymous said...

When Tits Malone shows up every now and then to MTL for a gang meeting it's like people beware! What is so fucking shocking?

May I add that Tits Malone will not have gang meetings in TO because the bars close at 1am and you can't smoke in bars where as in MTL the bars are open until 3am with some after hours clubs, the depanneur is open 24 hours and you can buy booze until 11pm every night, the local groccery store delivers and you can buy wine and beer there. I tell you it was hell over the holidays when the Societe des Alcohol du Quebec decided to go on strike for 2 or 3 months! Tragic!
MTL is also considered the Amsterdam of Canada with it's shiny bright big red light district.
I would never live anywhere else in Canada. Poutine and Maudite beer is all we need for our Gang meetings.

Chatsy Malone
aka Celinka Dionova

ps You kissed my Sugar! ach! the hand!

Monkey's Max said...

...and you took my Sunshine home from Železné dveře, did you not?
Miluju tě stejně, na vždy.

Anonymous said...

Yes I did take your sunshine home at 8am from Zelezny Dvere. We walked over Charles Bridge together on this foggy gothic lovely morning. he drove me home in his piece of shit opel. Or did he end up leaving it at JJ murphy's .... noooo we walked across the bridge to pick up the Opel at JJ Murphy's. ahhhhhh!!!

And that drinking marathon in Santa Monica with Sugar, that was the night you rang me from the bar right? ahhhhhh I love you and my sugar! Even if you are Americans. lOl!


Monkey's Max said...

Oui oui, it was la même soirée. I forget that we had called you.

Have you purchased your flight ticket yet? Prague is waiting...

Anonymous said...

I am looking for a connecting flight. going to do this right now. eeeekkkk!!!!

Went to see Sarah Harmer in Ottawa for an out door concert. Man those people are so lame. They shushhhed me and my friends who were singing and dancing and drinking from the mikey's we snuck in. geez.