Thursday, May 12, 2005

TV Monkey

There is my Monkey, who hangs out with me in my world, and then there is this Monkey, who went on a journey from China to India with his friends Pigsy, Sandy and Tripitaka. Richard told me about this tv show just this morning.

Richard is the only one at my work who knows about my blog, except for the IT guy, of course, who will probably use it one day to get me into a lot of trouble. Hey ho.

The first episode was called Monkey Goes Wild about Heaven:
"Mischievous King Monkey is summoned to Heaven, where he steals the heavenly peaches, and eats them to gain immortality. He fights two of the Emperor's officials, and all three of them are expelled to Earth. Monkey gets imprisoned under a mountain of rocks, while the other two are transformed into a pig monster (Pigsy) and a water monster (Sandy). Buddha says that a holy man must be sent to fetch holy scriptures from India, to save the world."

Random bits from some other episode synopses:

#6 - "When Monkey kills a girl and her elderly parents, Tripitaka is left with no choice but to punish him..."

#8 - "When Monkey saves a pretty widow from the Demon Spirit of Great Snakes, amorous Pigsy falls snout over trotters in love with her, but she only has eyes for the celibate boy priest Tripitaka."

#11 - "Tripitaka finds the task of reuniting night and day very difficult, especially when Monkey becomes hopelessly besotted with a pretty girl and Pigsy falls for a lady of the night."

#28 - "The evil Dogs of Plague, disciples of the Great Hound of Hell, plan to kill Monkey, Pigsy, Sandy and Tripitaka."

#30 - "The Fraction Demon goes around asking children questions about fractions, and kidnaps those who answer correctly."

#36 - "A snobby princess has been kidnapped by a fish monster who wants to marry her, but she continually refuses because he's too common."

#37 - "The pilgrims eat some freshly picked mushrooms, and lose their memories. Monkey wanders off and joins a band of outlaws. "

This must have been the greatest show ever.


AG said...

Hey Mad Max, I just wanted you to know I've been watching you. Always remember : even though you think no one is out to get you, someone always will... Frank's favorite...

I had to create a blog just so I could comment.

AG said...

By the way, I loved the body piercing piece.

Monkey's Max said...

Hey Steph, looks like your mom is not out drinking tonight.

Anonymous said...

Art imitating life? 'Monkey wanders off and joins a band of outlaws'.