Monday, October 31, 2005

Fantasy Football - week 8

Hooray for Max! - Max beats the first place team 123.50-114.65. Max stays in 3rd place, but now only 1 game out of 1st, and still with the highest overall point total in the league.

My opponent this week was the league's only other resident of Prague. I took the opportunity to ring him before he got online to check the results for himself.

Jimmy: Hello?

Max: I beat you, I beat you, I beat you.

Jimmy: Hello? What?

Max: I beat you, I beat you.

Jimmy: You what?!! Oh no! What happened? You didn’t have any running backs.

Max: What happened? My tight end scored 30 points.

Jimmy: What?!! Tight ends don’t score 30 points. I should have played Collins. - blah blah blah - Monday morning quarterbacking…

Damn, that was a fun phone call. And Jimmy was right, if he had played Collins instead of Bledsoe at quarterback, he would have won. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Yet another victory for girls everywhere!


Anonymous said...

We know who the mastermind behind this team is

Monkey's Max said...

Sorry, SS, but you do not deserve all of the credit. It was all on me this week when all three of my running backs had byes at the same time.

And I picked up Feely as my kicker all by myself (he scored 21 fantasy points yesterday).

So, SS, I will thank you again for all of your help, but please do not try to steal my well-deserved glory.

Anonymous said...

Yes Pearl, I've got Gates too.
I'm in first place. I stand to win $350 if I win, and the rest of them get to watch all the games!
What you might do next is check the schedule, with an eye towards the playoffs. A player with a tough schedule in weeks 15-16 might be good trade bait...

Monkey's Max said...

Thanks, rtm.