Saturday, October 22, 2005

Fatherland Security Move to Take Over Police

The Secretary of Fatherland Security, Michael Chertoff, has said that he is preparing to send “a member of his headquarters operation centre” to New York police headquarters in Manhattan as liaison officer. He is also considering sending a liaison officer to Los Angeles as well as to other as yet unnamed metropolitan centres. The purpose is to “improve communication and co-ordination with local officials during anti-terror operations” (CNN).

Department of Fatherland Security spokesman Russ Knocke:

Like any relationship, you recognize you can always find ways to grow and strengthen those ties, and we've been interested in doing so. We hope to move on it very quickly.

Hmm, I think Adolf Hitler said something similar when talking about Germany’s relationship with Austria just before the Anschluss Österreichs.

The head of the New York City Police Department is the New York City Police Commissioner. The New York City Police Commissioner is appointed by the Mayor of New York City. The Mayor of New York City is elected by the people of New York City. In 1844 the Governor of New York State gave the Mayor of New York City permission to establish a police department for New York City. I think you see where I am going: no mention here of Washington, DC or the federal government.

From the Council on Foreign Relations Terrorism website:

Q. How is the NYPD fighting terrorism?

A: Its new measures include:

creating a counterterrorism division and hiring a deputy police commissioner for counterterrorism to oversee related training, prevention, and investigations and to work with state and federal agencies;

hiring a deputy commissioner for intelligence and an in-house intelligence officer for each of the NYPD’s 76 precincts;

training the department’s 39,000 officers in counterterrorism, including how to respond to a biological, chemical, or radiation attack;

assigning detectives to train abroad with police departments in Israel, Canada, and potentially other countries in the Middle East and in Southeast Asia;

assigning one detective to Interpol, the France-based international police agency, and two detectives to FBI headquarters in Washington;

placing command centers throughout the city to back up headquarters in the event of a large-scale terrorist attack; and

acquiring equipment such as protective suits, gas masks, and portable radiation detectors.

I do not know how much of the above has been done; neither do I know what other measures not listed have been taken, but I am certain that the New York City Police Department can take care of New York City without a mole from the Department of Fatherland Security.

A full-time liaison officer from the Department of Fatherland Security is going to do two things: (1) introduce another level of bureaucracy and bullshit to the New York City Police Department and (2) attempt to impose federal control on the New York City Police Department. The New York City Police Department should tell the Department of Fatherland Security to get stuffed.


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