Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Kiddies on Tour

A group of Norwegian junior high kids were on a tour of the Czech Republic and Poland. The purpose of their trip was to visit concentration camps and learn about “the importance of peace”.

As they crossed the border between Poland and the Czech Republic, police discovered that the children were in possession of “a Kalashnikov automatic rifle, brass knuckles, knives and other potentially fatal weapons”. It seems that the children had purchased all of these lovely souvenir items in Prague.

The weapons were confiscated and the students were held for 13 hours. Then the border police let them go without charging them with any crime. The students’ travel leader is going to call their parents, but says that he will not pursue any direct disciplinary action at school.


Anonymous said...


Where in Prague would one be able to purchase these weapons? I am thinking a museum or antique shop? I have a hard time understanding that some foreign teens would be able to find a member of either the russian or ukranian mafia to buy some on the black market. This is very strange.They weren't kiddies, more like early teens. There really arn't enough details in this article. It's a stupid article and it lacks depth as to how exactly did they find these weapons.
Trying to be optimistic, they probably purchased them as souvenirs. Have their been Colombine copy cats in Europe yet? hmmm.

Monkey's Max said...

What were you looking for, Chatsy? - a guide on where to purchase weapons in Prague?

Anonymous said...

Actually yes. I wanna know exactly wear they bought these weapons. on the black market or in a souvenir shop?

Atom Bom said...

Hey, Chatsy Malone, guess what, you have the same last name as me!

You do bring up a very good point, it seems as though this article makes prague seem like a very dangerous place...