Friday, October 14, 2005

Max Goes Blonde

I was shopping in Oxford Street for something new to wear to the wedding. I had just made my purchase when I looked at my phone and saw that it was 17.40. I was supposed to meet Christian at 18.00 at a bar on Clerkenwell Road and I knew I couldn’t get there in 20 minutes. I still had to buy a birthday card for V.

I got to the bar at about 18.30 and was surprised that Christian wasn’t there yet. But never mind, I ordered a cocktail and took out my book. Lawyers always have to work later than they expect anyway. I texted Christian again to ask his eta; it was just before 19.00 and he said he would be leaving work shortly.

The bar’s doorman perched on the edge of my couch. “So you’re early for the party?”

“Yes. Well, no,” I said, “it’s just that everyone else is late.”

And everyone was late the whole night – JK had promised to be there by 20.30 and he was not. Jono had gone missing. Only Vašek wasn’t late but that was because I had not known he was coming. And I called and texted people, and they must have thought I was crazy and impatient, but no one ever thought to ask me if I knew what time it really was.

It wasn’t until the bar was closing at 1 a.m., and I looked at my phone which said 2 a.m., that I realised that I had been an hour off all day.

This is what had thrown me: I have a UK sim card and a second handset so normally when I go to London I have that phone with me. The time on it is permanently set to UK time. I do not wear a watch. But this time I had not been able to find my UK phone so I only had my Czech phone. I had not even thought about changing the time.


Audie said...

Darn. I thought you'd *really* gone blonde. You know, something to do while you're waiting for friends.

Monkey's Max said...


Anonymous said...

Me too!

Don`t insult blondes. I am a fabulous blonde and though I may have my moments, I am one of the brightest crayons in the box.

Monkey's Max said...

Chatsy, blonde out of a bottle doesn't count.

Audie said...

Monkey's Max said "Huh?"

Well, you know. Your title said you'd gone blonde, which I thought meant you'd done the "blonde out of a bottle" thing, and then the first paragraph goes on about how you were waiting for this and that person, so, for a moment there, I thought you were going to tell us that, while waiting for your friends, you decided to get blonded.

Blonde joke:

This blonde tells her friends that she has learned all the state capitols. "Go ahead, ask me," she says. One of her friends says, "OK, Wisconsin."

And she says, "W!"

Monkey's Max said...

Sorry, Aud, I guess I did go a little bit blond there. But no, I have not actually bleached my beautiful brown hair.

Good joke.

Anonymous said...

My real color as you have seen at one point max is a dirty blonde. I just think that I know how to wear super blonde as I but a layer of almost black in between so that I have subtle dark highlights popping out. It actually looks hot! I love being a blonde because there are more brunettes then blondes in Montreal, and that is why as a blonde I have more fun!

Anonymous said...

oops Goddess