Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Just for the record...

This brief post is in response to the comments on my post of Thursday, 6th October.

Everyone is welcome on my blog. In fact, I am amazed, flattered and very happy that you all keep coming back. I love the discussions, and I don't mind when they go off topic. I think it's great that we have such differences of opinion, and I only hope that people sometimes think about the other positions, because we all always have something to learn.

I like the humour, even when it comes through as sarcasm.
I really appreciate the well thought-out and elucidated comments.
I would love it if people would always show respect for each other.

However, as Skeeter very wisely said, sometimes our tones and our intents are not conveyed properly through our comments. Perhaps that means that sometimes each of us needs to be a bit more careful about how we say things, and sometimes we just need to give others the benefit of the doubt, or have thicker skin, if you will.

Please keep coming back. I crave the attention.


Anonymous said...


I wouldnt take what Skeeter says too seriously.

Skeeter said...


You're freakin' out of your mind! OSU 34 PSU 14....much lamenting in Happy Valley tonight.

..besides what the hell do you know about football, being from Bowling Green? Ugliest school color's east of the Mississippi.

JoePa and the rest of the Pennsyltuckians are holding they're breath waiting for the shoe to fall....Here it comes baby!


Riggs is Crazy said...

How bout those Bungs SS?

Michigan 38 Penn State 5

Anonymous said...

PSU 41
U of M 10

Im sticking to that score

Skeeter said...

Hey SS,

Here are your predictions:

PSU 56

OSU needing 8 touchdowns to tie with three minutes to go will have to start going for 2 when the get their first score.

I think you tend to overestimate alot more than me.
I wish you ran a book, I'd bet against you everytime.

Anonymous said...


Whats worse? Picking the wrong score or picking the wrong team to win? You did both.

Audie said...

Thanks for this post, MM.

yours in the siblinghood of the flying spaghetti monster,