Monday, October 17, 2005

On taking a tram to work

Now that I have moved to Žižkov, I can no longer walk to work. It felt very lazy to get on a tram this morning, but at least I was not hot and sweaty when I arrived at the office.


Anonymous said...

Now that I have moved to Islington, I can get the bus to work. It felt very lazy to get on the No 56 this morning, until we reached gridlocked Essex Road and I had to get off and walk the remaining 2 miles to work. I was hot, sweaty and an hour late when I arrived at the office.

Public transport in London? Pile of fuck.

Anonymous said...

I must say I love where I live in Montreal. It takes me 20 mins to get to the downtown area. Buses take a little longer because of construction but I just take one bus and it jets me down to the centre or a metro. I live in a hood called Mile End, which is the fourth district of le plateau mont-royal, which is the number one place to live in Montreal according to the Montreal Mirror, because it`s so trendy yet boheme with all the gaming and film company`s around. Not to mention great wine bars, whiskey bars and reasonably prices restaurants from all over the world. My rent is relatively cheap considering my flat is a big one bedroom haven. The bedroom is the size of my living room in my old Prague flat. I can finally have Tiki parties since I built my awesome Tiki Bar!

I rarely have complaints about the STM in Montreal. Unless someone throws themselves in front of the metro, there are rarely any delays. The buses are slightly delayed due to construction.

Congratulations on finally getting your place ma chérie. Now you have somewhere to bring home all the stray cats that wanna cuddle with you.

knottyboy said...

It's nice when your breasts don't stick to your chest before you get to work.

Audie said...

"I was not hot and sweaty when I arrived at the office."

May you meet that special someone on the tram who can change this for you.

Monkey's Max said...

Thanks, Aud. I've got stories for you about gay men on London buses. I'll tell you when you come over.

Anonymous said...

Aud have you been on a czech tram? They stink with that bad eastern european BO. I don't think your gonna want to meet anyone on that hot and sweaty tram ride be it in the winter or summer.