Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Dream Interpretation: Josef Stalin

Once again I need help interpreting a dream. One of my dreams occurring during the night featured Josef Stalin. I knew him, but our only interaction was that I interrupted him talking to someone else because I needed him to hand me my shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. He complied without any complaint, and practically without breaking his conversation with the other person. The conditioner slipped out of his hand, but he picked it back up and handed it to me. I said, "Thank you," and went on my way. Not sure if this is important, but the conditioner was the brand I have used the last few times at Jono's in London.

I have looked in online dream dictionaries and cannot find an entry for Stalin anywhere. Does anyone have any idea what his appearance in my dream could mean? Thank you.


Skeeter said...

Jono's in London = Josef Stalin?

By that I mean in your mind the words remind you of Josef Stalin

Jono Sinlondon or Jonosin London = Josef Stalin

That happens to me alot, where I'll see a sign on a building for instance and the way the words run together or the way they are positioned reminds me of something completely in left field.

Anonymous said...


Sometimes a dream is just a dream -it doesn't actually mean anything.

Still it can be fun to try and figure out your deepest imagination ...and there are so many schools of thought about I guess it depends on who you decide to apply. Jung discribes a dream censor that would act as a device to make something or in this case someone more acceptable. Stalin was a monster but in your act of washing your hair you have placed him in a domestic situation rendering him (or whomever he is representating) in a less objectable way.

Or you can think that is bullshit and take the easy road and think that water represents sex...

Go get yourself kissed sweety!! Either way at least you are getting something out of it. And that would be an interesting pick up line "How would you like to help a girl get over a dream?" hahaha

Monkey said...

Stalin = The Man, the system, etc. Your dream was about the internal conflict you currently suffer. I think you understand where I'm going with this.

Monkey's Max said...

Skeeter, I appreciate your efforts, but no way.

Tits Malone and I also talked about this on the phone; we decided Stalin might be my dad. My dad and I talked about it in the car; he thought Stalin might be my mom.

Monkey, say no more, say no more - of course I know exactly where you are going.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a subconscious yearning for ‘Wash n Go’, i.e. not wanting to take 2 bottles in to the shower.

Anonymous said...

You long for a powerful man in your life who will be there for you and inspire you to make many decisions, some important and some as trivial as chosing a shampoo. A partner in crime, a lover, friend and partner. You long for a boyfriend.
Time to get the cobwebs cleared my friend.

Anonymous said...


an autocrat...a dictator....a power monger....who had great influence

our dream symbols represent every part of the personal identity....

hence what part of yourself is the dictator

Is it your male or female personnae?

letting the conditioner (toner downer, smoother within) can get it from here


Monkey's Max said...

Chatsy, ouch. What makes you think I have any cobwebs?

Dr Bellarina, I'll be back in Prague on Sunday. See you soon.