Wednesday, August 17, 2005

War Games

Russia and China have started playing together in joint exercises called Peace Mission 2005. The games are designed to develop their capability to fight "international terrorism, extremism and separatism" (China's Xinhua news agency). Reports are that at least 10,000 personnel will participate, and ground, sea and air units will be involved, including long-range Russian bombers and other sophisticated weapons systems. That’s a big game.

The most informative article I have found about the war games thus far is here:

Russia and China are unlikely allies. They have never had an easy friendship, and it would appear that there is little mutual trust. The chief aims of the exercises are widely thought to be to send a message of strength to the US and to boost the arms trade between the two countries. But some analysts think the games are practice for an invasion of Taiwan.

The United States is monitoring the drills and has warned that they must not affect regional stability.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday Taiwan staged an exercise simulating a Chinese invasion. Their drill involved 3,000 troops.

Next month, Russia and India will stage their first ever joint manoeuvres.


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