Friday, August 12, 2005

Lunch with Dad

On the 24th of July, Sinister Steve wrote a guest blog about last meals over at DD’s. I commented that I would be too nervous to eat a last meal; however yesterday I decided that if they would let me out to go to a sushi bar, I would have exactly what I had for lunch yesterday with my dad. Dad left the ordering up to me, and this is what we had:

  1. Hamachi Usuzukuri – melt-in-your-mouth yellowtail tuna sashimi with chili peppers, cilantro, green onion and ponzu sauce
  2. Uni – sea urchin. That is the one thing I won’t share, so we had two orders. Futatsu uni sushi, onegai shi mas. (Anna O long ago taught me to order in Japanese.)
  3. Spicy tuna roll
  4. Unagi – eel
  5. Amaebi – sweet prawns. The bodies were served as sushi and then we had the heads cooked in miso soup.
  6. Toro – fatty tuna
  7. Marinated albacore sashimi – ponzu, smelt eggs, onion, cucumber and kaiware seeds
  8. I finished off with a second order of uni; Dad had more spicy tuna.
My beverage: Kirin Ichiban draft.


Devastatin' Dave said...

What? No robster craws?

Anonymous A-Hole said...

You didn't have a wasabi bomb?

Stairs said...

Despite all and sundry things that you didn't have... Alastair suffocates happily in a sloppy puddle of his own drool.