Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Freezing in LA

I hate air conditioning. Sometimes I can appreciate it, but mostly it makes me too cold and it gives me a sore throat. Occasionally it nauseates me too.

Yesterday I was in the car with my dad and he had the temperature set at 68°F (20°C). What the fuck?! I had to open my window to get some warmer air. My family, of course, know my problem and they try not to let the air blow directly on me and no one complains when I do open a window (even though I know it annoys them). Once Big Sister’s ex-husband objected to my open window so I closed it and vomited on him. Luckily the A/C is rarely on at my parents’ because we have the breeze from the ocean.

Last night in the dreaded Valley, we walked into a restaurant that was so air conditioned that I was uncomfortable. Everyone else thought it was normal to walk into a refrigerator to eat. I was wearing a summery dress which had been appropriate to the weather outside, but suddenly my arms and legs were absolutely chilled. I finally managed to warm up a bit once I had my Jack Daniels.

Moral of the story: I will be taking something warm with me to wear wherever I go from now on. August in LA.


Anonymous A-Hole said...

At the risk of sticking, I'd teabag a freezer rack this time of year.

It can't be too cold inside when it's hot outside.

But I'll make the necessary adjustments to avoid being vomited upon.

kd said...

hey happy to hear that you have summer weather at all! last night it was cold enough in prague to don our coats...yes, coats. this is so not august.

have reserved u zpev for tomorrow night's'll be there is spirit. but we'll miss you just the same.

Stairs said...

This was one of the hellish things about visiting LA or Chicago in the summer; t-shirt, shorts, sandals... walk into a building and whoosh, it's like being snap frozen in nitrogen. I decided I hate this as a kid in Malaysia (33 C to 15 C everytime you step into a shop) and really wish that they'd just chill a *little* to make it comfortable, rather than the miracle sweat-freezing counteract-all-effects-of-outdoor-heat-in-2.8-seconds-technique. Blech.

Monkey's Max said...

Thank you, Stairs. It is gratifying that someone understands what I am talking about.

Asshole, I will challenge you to teabag a freezer rack when we are out in the desert next week.

Anonymous said...

Same problem in Canada. It's stinking hot in Montreal and Toronto and when you walk into a store or a restaurant it's like walking into a freezer. Max I get the same reaction to airconditionning. I hate it, it should just be banned!
Last night Tits and her Sister Cash and I drove home from a party with just the sunroof open. It was great. I'll email you about my ducati motorcycle adventure as well as some sleezy photos of chatsy on the bike in her bikini. Oh la la!