Monday, August 29, 2005

Our Impending Draft

Another Vanity Fair story: “The Recruiters’ War” by Michael Bronner – this one literally gave me chills.

“There’s no way to recruit within the rules and be successful” – a recently retired army recruiting-station commander.

Approximate recruitment targets:
US Marine Corps 2004 – 37,000
US Marine Corps 2005 – 39,000
US Army 2004 – 77,000
US Army 2005 – 80,000

Army, March 2005 – 27% off target
The army also missed its targets for April, May, June and July.
The Army Reserve has also missed its recruiting targets for 5 consecutive months this year.

In May 2005, the Marine Corps stopped making its recruitment numbers available to journalists.

The VF story was about fraudulent and corrupt recruitment tactics and not about the draft at all, but it is clear evidence that there will be conscription before too long. Especially now that there is talk of increasing troop numbers in Iraq in a futile attempt to calm the place down so that we can leave, as if our government and the Project for the New American Century have any intention of leaving.

In July I tried to bet Bubba $10,000 that there would be a draft within two years; he would only take my wager for $10.


Anonymous said...


I read that VF issue as well and it scared the shit out of me...I was really creeped out with the whole concept of cold calling recent high school graduates at home - get them when they are scared about making life decisions....why go to university when you can shoot a gun...and make sure you go to economic depressed neighbourhoods...nice one

really scary MM...

Monkey's Max said...

As we like to say in the America, TM - No Child Left Behind.