Monday, April 04, 2005

A Day with my Sunshine at the Races

Sunshine still had his tan from his holiday in Cuba and he looked very tasty yesterday. I had slept for only about an hour and a half so I am sure I looked lovely too. We took the train to the racetrack at Velká Chuchle. It was a beautiful sunny day and we were very happy to be out and enjoying it. I was still totally off my head from the night before.

We got beers and sat down to plan our betting strategy. We picked horses whose names we liked and Sunshine made up combinations. The betting lady thought we were crazy, but she was really nice to us and liked to laugh at Sunshine's Czech. We won a few times. Sunshine had our betting money in his pocket, and I had the winnings in mine. In fact, I still have the winnings in mine. We drank more beers and celebratory shots and Sunshine ate klobasa. I am still not smoking, but I had blown that on Saturday night so on Sunday I allowed myself drags of Sunshine’s cigarettes.

After the races were over we came back into town, probably by train but I don’t really remember. That is very bad. We went to meet Monkey, P and Dalibor at the Staropramen brewery pub. I was happy to show off Sunshine to my paraders. From the pub I went home on my own, and then very stupidly went out again to U Zpěváčků. I talked to Mike for a bit and then I fell asleep while sitting at the bar. Sad sad girl. Mike mentioned hearing rumours about me and someone who shall now be nameless; I don't remember if I confirmed or denied. Finally I went home and realised that I did not have my keys.

Now I know why weekends are only 2 days long.

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