Friday, April 22, 2005


Two nights ago I dreamt of Iceland and I feel that it has to mean something. I have been asking people and even looking in online dream dictionaries and no one knows what it could mean. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you.


knottyboy said...

You know the old saying...
Greenland is ice and Iceland is green.
Are the sweet smells of spring driving your mind into fits of travel to green lands?

Devastatin' Dave said...

You secretly wish to be Bjork.

Monkey's Max said...

Knotty, yes, that is why I had to ring you yesterday. xx

DD, Bjork is weird.

knottyboy said...

You put the biggest smile on my face my dear.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you heard a Bjork song or met someone from Iceland...maybe you had a reallly hot steamy dream about a hot icelander named Bjork?

Just buy your airticket and go already! cheers chica!

Celinka Dionova

Monkey's Max said...

Ahoj Celinko!
Why don't you get your airticket already and get your Mad Canadian arse over here?!!