Friday, April 22, 2005

Thursday Night Drunk

It is 1.30 in the morning; I have just got home from U Zpěváčků. It is a work night and I should have been in my bed over an hour ago. I was at work until 8.30 and was supposed to go see friends play at a benefit concert for the legalisation of cannabis but could not be bothered trying to get to the club in time. Instead I went to U Zpěváčků, the obvious alternative. I was tempted to go home after 2 small beers but it is hard to leave when you are friends with the barman. Then after 3 beers, Dan showed up so I had to stay to have a beer or two with him. Then when I was really going to go, Dan ordered another beer for me; everyone knows it is rude to refuse a drink that someone has just bought for you. I left after that beer and I was about a block and a half away when Mike called me to come back because I had left my folder at the bar. The folder contained tax documents that I had been forgetting to bring home with me from work for at least 10 days. (Please see The Chronicles of Devastatin' Dave for more information about taxes.)

On my second try at going home, I saw a man on the street who looked like my friend Adam, at least in the dark and at a distance. Adam died last summer because he had a big tumour in his brain that would not go away. So I spent the rest of my walk home, which to be fair is only 10 minutes, talking to Adam. He never answered.

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