Tuesday, April 05, 2005

On being a gay icon

I would never use the term ‘fag hag’. I may be a lot of things but I am certainly not a hag. My friends have coined the term ‘fag mag’, as in magnet, but I prefer to think of myself as a gay icon.

“Like Madonna,” I have said, “only on a smaller scale.”

I went on a day-trip from Israel to Petra in Jordan on Christmas Day last year. There were 12 people in the tour group. As we waited at the border crossing to go into Jordan, I said to my friend Oranit about two of the men in the group: “See those two men over there? They are gay, and by the end of the day they are going to be my new best friends.” Sure enough, by mid-afternoon I was sharing cigarettes with Mark and we had exchanged contact information. When Monkey and I went to Paris in February, we had a drink with Mark, although we did not get to see Pascal because he and Mark had had a falling out.

Why do the gays love me? I don’t know. Theories range from the very practical: “It is because you are open-minded and non-judgmental” to the more flamboyant: “It is because you are so fabulous, darling.” Thank you to Knottyboy for the latter opinion.

But without knowing why, all that really matters is that I enjoy being a gay icon and I like my parades.


Devastatin' Dave said...

Do you still have the Madonna tatoo?

knottyboy said...

It seems to me that gay men need the love of a good woman. Now hear me out. We do need complete relationships this also goes for relationships with people of the opposite sex. If only straight men could let their hair down long enough to giggle, talk, have a glass of wine, walk the streets late at night walking the girly home; all without the promise of a single sneak at the goal they so desire. That is what separates 'us' men from the beasts so to speak. We get how having close relationships with women make us better friends, confidants and lovers. Intimacy for intimacy's sake.

Monkey's Max said...

DD, I have never had a Madonna tattoo, nor any other tattoo. Monkey has a Betty Boop and a smiley face, but he hates for people to see them.

Knotty, I hear you. We are all the evidence of what you are saying.

I wish I could change the time on my comments; I am a bit ahead of y'all.

Tits Malone said...

I love living in "boystown" ...it is the only neighbourhood in Toronto for me...and every year 1 million people from around the world come to my slice of the planet to celebrate being gay/bi/whatever...it is the one week in the year Canadians are actually cool...and I am definitely a fag-mag(good name) I have a theory about why we both seem to collect gay men...aside from us both being fabulous darling ...we are both unapologetic about our sex life and our sex drive...who wouldn't want to hang out with us?? Straight men are for screwing Gay men are for shopping!

Anonymous said...

Yeah...I admit...I have a huuuugggeee crush on this one gay man. I have had this crush even before I met him. He is so lovely on the phone and puts xx after his name on emails. Now this is a business contact who is now a lovely friendxx. Today I was at a "thing" and so was he and I couldn't help to stare and blink like Jeanie and hope to turn him into a streight man who would become my boyfriend. Well I think I wore my mascara out and spilled red wine all over my skirt. I'll settle for the lovely xx after his name in the emails and the friendly conversations on the telephone. Ach jo!

Anonymous said...

The best Love parades are organized by the Bad Boy Club of Montreal. I never miss Mado LaMotte's Mascara show!