Tuesday, April 19, 2005

What Max hates, and Monkey salvages the day

I hate being accused of doing something that I have not done. When I was 22 I got fired from a temp job as a receptionist because I had stood up for myself and refused to take blame. I still remember everything that was said then, and it was a fair few years ago: that is how much it bothered me. I was reminded of that situation yesterday because the feelings of anger and frustration were the same when 2 of the partners in my firm ganged up on me. But, as Monkey drilled into my head later: they're irrelevant. So I will not bore you with the details.

I left work nearly in tears and rang Monkey. He said "I'm walking over the bridge now. Where do you want me to meet you?" We sat in a dark and private booth for hours. Our only contact with the outside world was our lovely waitress who brought us drinks. We talked. Five (six?) cocktails each and a pack of cigarettes later...

We walked out of the bar and turned right. We stopped to discuss whether going the other way might not in fact be a better idea. We turned round and walked to the left. There was a group of kids, 4 boys who could have been 16 or 26, standing in front of the bar next door (Aloha) to the bar we had just left (Parker's). I smelled something.

"Co kouřite?" - What are you smoking?, I asked.
"Trávu." - Grass, one of the kids answered.

Next thing I knew I was being offered a spliff so I put it to my mouth, inhaled deeply and passed it on to Monkey.

"Děkujeme, ahoj, mějte se hezky." - Thanks, bye, enjoy yourselves.

We walked home across Charles Bridge and through Kampa Park, giggling our heads off. It had turned out to be a perfect evening.

When I got home I found my dinner waiting for me
...and it was still hot.


Monkey's Max said...

Update: one of the partners has apologised to me. I win.

Monkey's Max said...

Update 2: I have just run into the managing partner in the kitchen where she also apologised to me, although in a rather cowardly manner. I win again.

Monkey's Max said...

Update 3: Have just told whole story to friendly office manager who was out of the office earlier today. She could not believe that the managing partner apologised to me. "But Vladimíra never apologises to anyone," she said.

I am so fucking pleased with myself right now.