Thursday, April 07, 2005

On having too much work

It is nearly 6 o'clock which is the time I get to leave work (and hopefully find my Monkey!) and I have not had time to write in my blog all day.

The problem: I had too much actual work. I realise that is what I get paid to sit here for, but still, one hopes to have some time during the working day to pursue one's outside interests.

Then [DD - I hope you are paying attention to this] I had to answer an e-mail from my congressman's office. A real person who used his own name and e-mail address, and who works on the congressman's Government Reform Committee staff. So I wrote two A4 pages further explaining our complaint. And Government Reform - that is fucking brilliant. What if we could reform the government just by writing bloody e-mails. I realise that Devastatin' Dave could still be proved right, that all of this could come to nothing, but at least someone has paid attention.

And one observation for today: I see that no one has commented on my last post. I realise that is because men are afraid to comment on rantings of a woman that concern men. That is very prudent of you both and I respect it.


Devastatin' Dave said...

I don't care about Government Reform, I want Government Elimination.

Monkey's Max said...

More evidence of why my Monkey loves DD every day.