Friday, September 02, 2005

A Czech Perspective on New Orleans

I just had a conversation with one of my Czech colleagues about New Orleans. Some of his comments:

I can’t understand the barbarism of those people. There have been disasters before, like earthquakes, but no one has behaved like that. I didn’t think it could happen in America. If it were Russia, I could believe anything, but America…

And George Bush, flying over the city in his airplane - he showed a lot of concern.

And what is happening with the oil? It’s only 3 states out of 50. How can that have such a huge effect?

And why haven’t more people, national guard or whatever, been sent to help? America is supposed to be stable enough to handle anything. It doesn’t look like that now.


Monkey said...

1. Victim syndrome
2. He's en route now (queue Mighty Mouse theme)
3. The Gulf states produce more than 80% America's domestic oil, it was indeed a huge hit.
4. I don't recall a time in my life that we've ever been weaker as a nation or more divided as a people; I don't think this is an accident. The whole world is laughing and shaking their heads at this folly.

Monkey's Max said...

We addressed your points 2, 3 and 4:
2. Irrelevant at this point, as I am certain you would agree.
3. Yes, but prices still did not need to go up so much and so quickly.
4. You are spot on.

Anonymous said...


I have to say that I am really shocked at the coverage. The media (or at least the channels I have watched) are inferring that the vast majority of people that stayed in the city were responsible for their fate...well if you are poor where the fuck are you supposed to go? If you live pay cheque to pay cheque how exactly do you "stock" up on the necessities?

Oh but the oil is being pumped civilisation is safe...

Monkey's Max said...

AP - 32 minutes ago
NEW ORLEANS - Thousands of National Guardsmen with food, water and weapons streamed into Louisiana on Friday to bring relief to New Orleans' suffering multitudes and put down the looting and violence.

"The cavalry is and will continue to arrive," said one general.

Stairs said...

It would probably be easier to manage the rescue operations, in terms of manpower, if most of the country's strength wasn't currently centered in the middle east.

The people I know over there are without electricity, but okay; so sad that the majority have been far less fortunate.

Did anyone catch the hoohaa over the pictures from the AFP newagency? Similar shots, one of a white couple wading through water with stolen groceries captioned as "food they found at a grocery store" and the other, featuring black people with "goods they'd looted from a grocery store" - same source, different standards. Disgusting, even if not intentional.

In a second I will have to authenticate this comment with "wetmff" - wet muff? Filthy!

beamis said...

New Orleans should have never been artificially preserved with tax money stolen from other states. Without federal meddling with an extremely complex and elaborate river delta ecosystem New Orleans would have died a natural death long ago (early 20th century), with far less devastation and loss of life.

I blame the Imperial rulers in DC for this fiasco. It sits squarely in their lap.

beamis said...
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Monkey's Max said...

Beamis, you are more than welcome to promote your blog here.

For Beamis' very interesting take on New Orleans, please see

Anonymous said...

I can't understand that they didn't prepare transport to evacuate everyone and the people with no cars or money prior to the hurricane when they put warnings on tv and everyone the mayor even warned people to get out. How the fuck is bush going to "help" the iraqi's when he can't even help his own country. Big daddy bush has to go in and clean up the mess with clinton eh?
I can't watch tv anymore. I am so upset and sad about what happened and the lack of action taken sooner in the disaster.
What is bush going to do to help assist these people in getting new jobs, money and building a new life while they "rebuild" the devastated states in the south?

Anonymous said...

One more thing, damn right I would go loot to find food and dry clothes...especially since it takes a bloody week for help to arrive!

Anonymous said...


I just sent you an email...but I thought about and I think I would like to post the fact - after yelling at the tv for a week, I have called the Canadian Red Cross and I am now on a list of volunteers...

Monkey's Max said...

Wow, TM, to actually be deployed to Louisiana... Good on you.

The American Red Cross has been receiving a lot of criticism lately; I hope the Canadian Red Cross runs itself better. If not, you can whip them into shape.