Thursday, September 08, 2005

A High-Profile Cleansing of Anonymous A-hole’s Reputation

I have been chastised for believing that the anonymous comments on Beamis’ post of Friday, 2nd September 2005 - “See ya later alligator” - could have been written by Anonymous A-hole.

This post is my penance.

Asshole, I had my doubts (as did Sinister Steve, by the way) but I nevertheless did not defend you. For that I apologise. I was certain that it was not you after the anonymous poster called me names, but still I did not publicly clear your name until I had received confirmation directly from you. For that I also apologise.

To my fellow bloggers and blog readers, Anonymous A-hole would prefer that you do not think that he is a bigger asshole than he really is. Further, Anonymous A-hole has promised that he will always use the “Anonymous A-hole” name and will not post comments anonymously. I have known Anonymous A-hole since he was a kid, and I can say with all confidence that he is a man of his word.

Thank you for your understanding.



Anonymous A-Hole said...


But I'm still an asshole!

Monkey's Max said...

No one is going to argue with that, darling.

I liked your Haloblog of Sept. 7, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Who cares?

Anonymous said...


You know any good lawyer jokes? Im stuck here in lawyer central with no good ones.

Monkey's Max said...

SS, I am on my way out for a cocktail before dinner so I have started a collection for you. No doubt everyone has some lawyer jokes.

AG said...

Max, you stole my best lawyer joke!

AA, I didn't think it was you.

Max, just deny access to the anonymous jerks.

Message for tits malone: try linking to and maybe you can help over the net.

Anonymous A-Hole said...

AG-Thanks, it's nice to see that someone can tell the real assholes from those silly impostors!

MM-Sorry about not responding to e-mail (at least the way I usually would), my primary e-mail computer is the one giving me fits right now. Don't worry, I'll work it out.

Everyone else-When I catch up here, look out, I'll re-assume my asshole ways.

Monkey's Max said...

AG, I won't deny access to anyone. And anyway, it wasn't my blog.

Asshole, no worries.